The history of antique objects is fascinating, and it’s fun to find a diamond in the rough at an antique market.

Northpoint Plaza Flea market is the perfect place to go treasure hunting. You never know what you might find, but the odds are good that you’ll end up with something interesting – even if you’re not looking for anything in particular.

The best part about finding a diamond in the rough is that you’ve gotten it for a fraction of what it could be worth. Sometimes the best investments are free or cheap!

I was at the Northpoint plaza flea market with my family and we saw a few nice antique pieces for sale. I’ve always wanted to be a collector and it would be cool to get one of these items. My dad said that he liked this one really old desk that was made of wood, but it looked like it might not be in the best shape. I didn’t want to spend too much money on something without knowing if it was worth anything, so I took out my phone and scanned the desk. A lot of different comparable images and information came up, including its value.

It turns out that this antique desk is worth quite a bit more than the price they were asking for it! So now I can show off my newest antique find with pride!

Northpoint plaza flea market has a treasure trove of hidden jewels. The vendors sell their goods without any idea of what they might be worth. Some of the items you find will be worth hundreds and at some point even thousands of dollars and all you need is a little luck.

This is why we recommend going on your own to the Northpoint plaza flea market because it’s hard to know what you’ll find and if it’s worth anything without an expert opinion.



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